Songbook Live Compassionately

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Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg

The Songbooks to the Song-CD by Marshall Rosenberg with notes, text and grips 18 Song’s

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The Live Compassionately – Songbook

auch in deutsch erhältlich als reines Textbuch, nicht zum mitsingen

Leider gibt es die CD Live Compassionately dazu nicht mehr.

CD of 18 Song’s:

    1. Live Compassionately
    2. Want to Live Compassionately
    3. Reach Out to Life
    4. The Millennium Song
    5. The ignorance That Kills
    6. Grandma and Jesus
    7. Help a Little Hope Appear
    8. Ain’t it a Shame
    9. Losin’ at a Money Makin’ Garne
    10. Ode to John Wayne
    11. Sick of Dependency Blues
    12. Sink or Shrink Blues
    13. Too Many Missile Blues
    14. Where Does the Energy Come
    15. I Wish I Could Remember
    16. Do You Dream
    17. See Joy Shining in Your Eyes
    18. It’s Been a Lovely Day
  1.  See Me Beautiful


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